Discerning our Moral Commitments Together

Our June 2021 Convening
MnMN’s statewide convening called, “Discerning our Moral Commitments Together: A Multifaith Conversation on Racial Justice and Human Dignity” was offered online June 17, 2021.

Professor Anantanand Rambachan, MnMN’s board chairperson, prolific author, and a global leader of interfaith networking, helped set the tone with a reminder that our religious, social, and professional destinies are joined, different faiths have common values, and conversations like this break boundaries. Special guest Reverend Jia Starr Brown, senior pastor of First Covenant Church, shared her own personal story about how she became present and engaged with the community at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s murder. She spoke of relationships moving excuses out the window in order to make room for learning, authentic advocacy, and emotional connection. Karen Wills, executive director at Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance, offered a meditative opening blessing. Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, senior rabbi at Mount Zion Temple, talked through next steps and encouraged participants to reach out to one another and stay in relationship. Chiemi Onikura Bly, minister in the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition serving the Twin Cities Buddhist Association, closed the convening by sharing “The Golden Chain.” Courageous Change Collective facilitated all large group sections of the convening; small, breakout sessions were facilitated by MnMN’s network members, board members, and operations team members.

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