Earth Day Multi-Faith Livestream: A Call to Collective Care

Earth Day Multi-Faith Livestream:
A Call to Collective Care

April 22 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This moment of pandemic reminds us how deeply connected we are to each other and to the earth. We know that many of us are suffering, and we are finding new ways to care for one another and for our planet. On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, join us for a virtual gathering of prayer, storytelling, art, and wisdom from our diverse spiritual teachings that speak to this current moment of crisis. We invite you to connect and support one other as we navigate this difficult time, and to send a powerful message to decision-makers that climate justice is a top priority. Sign up here.

In addition, visit our Earth Day toolkit, with resources for Earth Day prayers, practices, and liturgy to use in your faith community in the coming weeks.


Resources From our Friends at Islamic Resource Group 

Islamic Resource Group (IRG) is an educational nonprofit committed to building bridges of understanding and providing presentations about Islam and the Muslim experience across Minnesota. During the COVID-19 pandemic, IRG encourages schools, houses of worship, businesses, and other interested groups to book online/virtual presentations with one of their speakers using their online “request a presentation” form. IRG personalizes each presentation to the unique needs of the host and their group, and can speak on topics ranging from introductory materials to advanced professional development.

As Ramadan approaches (April 24–May 23), IRG is also launching a series of short, accessible videos that will explore aspects of the holy month of Ramadan through May 23. Who fasts during Ramadan and why? What is an Iftar? How will Ramadan look differently during COVID-19? You can keep up with this project and other updates by checking out their Facebook page, subscribing to their Youtube channel, or by going to their website and signing up to be on their email list. The first video, entitled “What is Ramadan and why do Muslims celebrate?” is included in this newsletter. Please feel free to share widely.


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