Bridges of Cooperation: Interfaith Action toward Racial Equity

Collectively, we face a moment of divisions in our society. Whether religious, political, racial, generational, economic or in other areas, we find our communities, institutions, families and society fracturing. Together, we can improve. We can build communities where sources of difference become sources of strength — where shared humanity and communal aspirations compel dialogue, not division.

To help spark that dialogue, the College of Saint Benedict welcomes Eboo Patel. Eboo Patel, president of Interfaith Youth Core, founded the non-profit organization on the idea that religion should be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier or division. For over 15 years he has worked with governments, social sector organizations, and college and university campuses to help make interfaith cooperation a social norm. Patel served on President Obama’s Inaugural Faith Council and is the author of four books.

Interfaith Youth Core is committed to interfaith leadership to combat racism. In this free public lecture, Eboo Patel will share strategies for interfaith action toward racial equity.

Registration is not required. A livestream for this virtual lecture will be added to this page on the day of the event. 


Nov 20 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am
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