NATURE :: SPIRIT ~ Listening to Nature as Source

What does it mean to follow a path of nature spirituality in everyday life? How do we align heart, body, and mind with Nature/Spirit? Join author Priscilla Stuckey as she guides an exploration of 3 important questions:

  • How can people in the modern world connect with nature?
  • How can we change our story of nature, from inert matter to living relations?
  • How can we align lives and society more closely with the Living Source flowing through all of nature?


Priscilla Stuckey is a writer, educator, and contemplative with a passion for reconnecting people with nature. She is the author of Tamed by a Bear: Coming Home to Nature-Spirit-Self and the award-winning Kissed by a Fox: And Other Stories of Friendship in Nature. She received a BA from Goshen College, an MA from Pacific School of Religion, and a PhD in religious studies and feminist theory from the Graduate Theological Union. She has cleaned and restored urban creeks, fed baby birds in wildlife rehab, and cofounded a local rights-of-nature group. Find her at


Dec 29 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


The Interfaith Center at Miami University
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