Sacred Solidarity 2022: Reparations Circle (4th Mondays)

Join the MARCH (Multifaith Anti-Racism, Change & Healing) Sacred Solidarity Network for a 4-session learning and practice experience about congregational practices for making Reparations to Indigenous and Black communities.

Feb. 28, Mar. 28, Apr. 25, May 23 (Fourth Mondays)

This curriculum is designed to support teams and/or individual leaders in exploring these issues together, and bringing concrete reparations practices back to their religious/spiritual communities.

This program is appropriate for congregations that have a collective understanding of systemic racism and have begun specific work to dismantle white supremacy within and beyond their walls – and is not for those just starting out.

Some of the topics and practices will include:

  • Exploration of various kinds of monetary and non-monetary forms of Reparations
  • The Doctrine of Discovery and Christian hegemony in relationship to colonialism, land theft, Native genocide, and slavery
  • Exploring the treaties and history of the specific lands our congregations occupy in the Twin Cities area
  • Concrete tools for facilitating conversations about and practices of Reparations in your own congregation
  • Mapping the resources and assets of your congregation
  • Spiritual and somatic practices to support predominantly white congregations in engaging Reparations work
  • Opportunities for small- and large-group conversation and sharing

This program will be facilitated by Rev. Terri Burnor, Rev. Ashley Horan, Jessica Intermill, Liz Loeb, Rev. Dana Neuhauser, and Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel.

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For questions, please contact Dr. Rebecca Voelkel at [email protected]


Feb 28 2022

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