Project feasibility/market research consultant (opportunity filled)

This opportunity has been filled. 

The Minnesota Multifaith Network is seeking a consultant to research the feasibility and market for an interfaith immersion training for religious leaders in Greater Minnesota. The proposed project’s purpose is to increase the interfaith leadership interest and capacity of religious leaders in Greater Minnesota. The project as now envisioned involves conducting several online sessions in which the participants are engaged in conversation and learning from leaders of various diverse faith traditions, followed by an in-person weekend “immersion” experience of visiting several houses of worship with conversation about that community’s nature and practices. Based on results of this research MnMN will decide about seeking funding and developing a full project proposal for implementation.

The research work includes:

  • Conducting approximately 15 completed telephone, zoom or email interviews exploring the respondent’s feedback about their ’ perception of the feasibility of such a program, the capacity to participate, interest level, the obstacles to participating, resources needed to support participation, etc. Also query what they think would be important elements of such a program (timing, learning objectives, who might be interested).
  • Interviewees should, in so far as possible, include people from various geographical locations, ones with different leadership roles in faith communities, ones from secular organizations with an interest in multifaith relations and/or a professional need to partner with people of different faith traditions.
  • Compiling a summary report of the findings and recommendations based on responses
  • Conversing with MnMN leadership representatives about the findings

The Consultant will develop:

  • A list of questions to serve as the basis of interviews
  • A list of persons and/or organizations to contact

MnMN and the consultant will work together to finalize the lists.

Consultant needs to have familiarity with faith communities and interfaith work, experience working in such context and demonstrated interest in interfaith relations. Consultant will not be provided office or equipment. Research would be expected to be completed within a 3-4 month period.

MnMN will consider proposals that state the compensation requested and may negotiate terms as needed.

To be considered, please contact MnMN by January 12, 2022.

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